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Library Cards

Getting a library card

library card

You may get a free library card from our library if you live in the city of Milan, Augusta Township, or the parts of Pittsfield Township and York Townships that are in Milan Area Schools or if you own property in Milan or work full-time in Milan.

Kindergarten through 12th grade students who do not live in our service but are enrolled in Milan Area Schools are eligible for a free student library card at our library.

You may also use your card from other MILibraryCard participating libraries at our library.

See here for everything you need to know about getting a library card.

Using your library card

How many books can I check out?
Can I renew DVDs?
What is a Michigan Adventure Pass?
Can I use the MeL databases to do research for a school project?
Click here for information about what you can do with your library card.