The library staff appreciates your interest in helping to stretch our budget dollars and add to your community’s resources.
Below are guidelines and tips to help you when donating books or audio-visual (CDs, DVDs, VHS, BOCDs, etc.) materials.


Milan Public Library Donation Guidelines

1. ONLY materials in good to excellent condition can be accepted. NO soiled, stained, torn, worn, moldy, or very old materials can be accepted.

2. The library reserves the right to decide what to do with your donations. We may decide to: A) Add them to the library’s collection, B) Put them in the Friends of the Library Book Sale, C) place them on the “free” shelf or D) donate them to another library or organization.

3. No magazines can be accepted. (However, we do have a magazine exchange on the “free” shelf in the lobby. You may leave magazines there.)

4. No textbooks, encyclopedia sets, Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, or videos with the X rating will be accepted.

5. The library can give you a receipt for tax purposes.

6. The library may occasionally be unable to accept donations because of limited storage space. It is always best to call ahead!
(734) 439-1240

7. Please bring only a few boxes at a time due to space limitation.

8. If you have very old books you may want to consider recycling them at the Ann Arbor Recycling Drop Off Station: 2950 E. Ellsworth, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 (734) 971-7400. Hours are: Tuesday 9 AM – 6 PM, Wednesday-Saturday 9 AM – 5PM.