Blind Date With A Book

Blind Date With A Book is returning Monday February 1st – Monday February 15th! Don’t forget to turn in your completed questionnaire to receive a coupon for a free item from our Friends of the Library Book Sale! To read the completed questionnaires and check out the list of titles used for Blind Date With A Book, keep scrollin’.

heart mosaicDo you like surprises? Would you like help deciding what to read next? Are you distracted by cover art that inaccurately portrays the content of a book? Let us take away the trouble of a decision and set you up with a date. Go on a Blind Date with a book!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ll select a variety of books, wrap them all up in ‘oh so secretive’ wrapping paper and you won’t know the ‘identity’ of your blind date till you get it home. Will it be fiction or non-fiction? Funny, informative, a mystery, true-crime??? You may choose any wrapped book in our “Blind Date with a Book” display.

Check out the Titles used for Blind Date With A Book!

Blind Date With A Book List 2014
Blind Date With A Book List 2015

Check out the questionnaires returned by their blind dates!

Returned Blind Date With a Book Questionnaires 2014
Returned Blind Date With a Book Questionnaires 2015

Here’s a look at the questions on our book evaluation:

Blind Date With a Book: Rate Your Date!
Did you pick up a book from MPL’s Blind Date With a Book display?
We want all of the juicy details!

1.) Title/Author of your blind date book:

2.) So, how was it? Circle one.
* Disastrous
* Forgettable and dull
* Just okay
* Better than I expected
* Incredible

3.) What was your first impression? Circle one.
* Ick!
* So-so
* This could be interesting…
* Pleasantly surprised
* Love at first sight

4.) How many hearts would you give this book?
(1 heart = lowest rating; 5 hearts = best rating)
Circle one.
* One heart
* Two hearts
* Three hearts
* Four hearts
* Five hearts

5. Do you have a recommendation for the next Blind Date with a Book?

6.) Any other comments about this book display or the book you chose?