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2016 Adult Summer Reading Program Bingo Help!

Row One

Go to a farmer’s market.

Try drawing a Zentangle (or come to our program on Saturday, August 6, 10 am to noon (registration requested).

Walk or bike somewhere instead of driving.

Try out a free brain training app OR Try some mental exercises to improve your memory!

Work on a jigsaw puzzle.
(Stop by the library on Thursdays June 23-August 25) from 5:30-6:30 for puzzles, coloring, cookies and chatting about books!).

Row Two

Go without fast food for a week.

Complete the Healthy Foods Word Find.

Write a brief book review of something you read this summer!

Read/listen to a book about your/the brain. Search for brain in the catalog — here are a few to get you started!

    Brain Fog Fix

    Brain power : practical ways to boost your memory, creativity and thinking capacity

    Change Your Brain, Change Your Age

    Read aloud to someone for at least 30 minutes (total).

Row Three

Do a Crossword Puzzle (or try a level up from your usual).

    Detroit Free Press Puzzles
    Free Daily Crosswords

Make an origami creation. Here are some books to help you get started, or come to one of our programs!

Check out a coloring kit and bring in any completed page.

Try a new healthy recipe or adapt an old recipe with healthier choices. Here are some books to help!

Row Four

Try your hand at a math puzzle or riddle.

Try a new board or card game. Come to game night!

Read a book or audiobook about meditation or mindfulness.

Visit our Web Page and let us know what you like and what could be improved!

Learn Five New Life Hacks

Row Five

Try a book genre that you don’t usually read, for example Fiction, Western, Science Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Biography, Self-Help, Spirituality, History, etc. Ask for help at the Information Desk if you need some ideas!

Attend a library program or book discussion.

Listen to some relaxing music on a CD or from the web.

Use the Exercise Your Mind Wellness Tracker.

Spend 30 minutes trying a language learning tool. Or check out one of our many language learning kits!